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You’ll start off with two inboxes, Important and Other, but you can create as many as you’d like. All open items appear in exactly one inbox.

Default Inboxes

All channels, including DMs, have a default inbox - the inbox that messages in those channels will end up in by default. These are initially set up such that all DMs go to Important and everything else goes to Important. But you can and should update these defaults.

To change a channel’s default inbox first open the channel, and then click the channel settings button (or hit [,]).

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You can also bulk update default inboxes on the Rules page (see Default Inboxes ).

Navigate between inboxes [Tab] and [Shift+Tab]

There are various ways to navigate between inboxes:

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Creating, editing, and deleting inboxes

Create a new inbox with the “+ New Inbox” button in the sidebar.

Edit or delete the inbox by hovering over it in the sidebar, clicking the ellipsis button, and choosing an option.

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Reorder inboxes

Click and drag inboxes in the header or the sidebar to reorder them.